Halloween Hair Accessories

All Halloween

It seems I just go from one holiday to the next!  Last time it was the Fourth of July and now we’re moving on to Halloween.  Lately I’ve been obsessed with ribbons, and crafting them into interesting new configurations!

Wide satin ribbons make for beautiful rosettes, and narrower ribbons make great loopy bows.  Pinterest provided so many terrific ideas; every new post provided me with a jumping-off point to create my own designs.

I also learned a lot from people who regularly wear hair accessories: bobby pins are a pain if they don’t have rubber tips, alligator clips work best if they have teeth, and the French spring-type barrettes work best in thick hair.

As you look at each of these hair clips, you’ll see that they pretty much all start with a little bit of hand-sewing or gathering, and then adding the attachment with a good adhesive.  I’m terrible with hot glue, and I’ve found that a permanent bond isn’t always reliable.  In my quest for the strongest glue I came upon E6000 – stinky during application but AWESOME in strength!

If you are looking for more close-ups of these bows and clips, I suggest you go to my Etsy shop.

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