Qualcomm Arts and Crafts Festival 2016

Here we are again, preparing for another wonderful display of Arts and Crafts on the Qualcomm campus in San Diego!

Krista and I will again be bringing our wares, some made in sunny San Diego, and the rest in Buffalo, NY. Returning will be many different kinds of yarn scarves and fingerless mitts. Most items will be $20 or less.  Much less for the small items that make the holidays festive and fun.

Here are some photos of the items which will be available…


All of the scarves in this batch are priced at $17, or two for $30.

These two use a dropped stitch knit; on the left is a fringed scarf, the right is a double loop infinity.

wave-multi-scarf beige-drop-stitch-scarf

These two are hairpin lace, using boucle yarn, with fringe.

turquoise-hairpin-scarf purple-hairpin-scarf

I also have a couple of these 60″ long new style hairpin lace scarves. The boucle yarn has an interesting color pattern, or rather, there is no pattern, just random splashes of black and various intense colors.


Below is what I call a “Messy” scarf, knit from many shades of purple and lavender.  It’s the only color combo I have left from a very popular style.  I use yarn ends, so it takes a while to get enough colors that blend.


This is a crochet ladder in a variegated yarn. I have this one in three different color combintions.


This white crochet is a very tall, bunchy cowl.


Below is a braided crochet “necklace” scarf, and the color combinations I have remaining with the exception of the teal one on the end.


Below are crochet Moebius scarves. They are a single loop infinity scarf with a single twist in it.  The advantage to wearing these is that you just slip it over your head, and there’s no fussing to get a nice drape.  I charge $15 for them.  Several of the styles use two different yarns together to give them some bulk. I recently picked up some interesting novelty yarns, which work up in a unique fashion.

This last style is a chunky, single long crochet chain that is looped into a “necklace” and gathered into a buttoned cuff. This group is the last I have of these, priced at $10.


I have about 15 of these handy little pouches, including some with Christmas fabric. They are priced at $10.



First, I have various wall hangings; these are only two samples. They measure roughly between 16″  to 25″ square, in a variety of prints, and they are priced at $10 each.


Who doesn’t bring wine to holiday parties? I used Christmas fabric to make the basic $4 bags, or 3 for $10.  I’ve also included a grape print at this price point.

grape-wine-bag xmas-wine-bag wine-bag-asst

These little gift card holders always pretty much sell out, as well as the tiny (3″ X 5″) gift bags. I also make the small gift card holders in Christmas prints.  They are $1 each.

gift-card-holders tiny-gift-bags

This year I’m also trying out fleece gift card holders, in stocking and mitten designs. Same $1 price.


A totally new gift pouch will be for sale this year: a double sided square that draws into a cute little pouch with petals that stick outward from the top. They’re  priced at $3 or 2 for $5.


These ribbon and pearl necklaces are suitable for dressing up, or princess play. They sell for $4, or 3 for $10.

red-necklace green-necklace

These lace and crochet flower hair clips sell for $1 each.



I copied a design I found at Anthropologie for these crochet collars.  They look great on a cardigan, or even alone with a strapless top. I have several of the black and white design, but only singles of the other colors.  They are priced  at $10.

crochet-collar-choices beige-crochet-collar black-and-white-collar

These little crochet coin purses are equally comfortable in a child’s purse as your own, priced at $3 or 2 for $5.


There are a couple of Krista’s coworkers who always look for what’s new in these crochet yarn or felted wool flowers. These brooches are perfect for the winter months on sweaters, scarves, or blazers., all priced at $4 or 3 for $10.

yarn-flowers wool-flowers

These are washable cotton face scrubbies. I sell them for $5 for a set of 3.



I made these washable fleece neckwarmers for a couple of friends, and soon I had a following.  They are great for skiing or hiking, easily slipping over your head. It’s my original pattern. I have added solids in black, dark and light grey, navy, a few plaids, and a wild tie dyed print to the selection. They are priced at $10.

I don’t know if you have seen these jewelry travel bags in the craft stores, but they’re pretty awesome. I made some for my traveling friends, and I got great feedback.  They are made with two circles, the inside one sectioned off into 8 parts and a bottom. Once you’ve placed your jewelry pieces into the sections, pull up the drawstring ribbon and tie it into a bow.  Voila!  Nothing shifts or gets tangled.  I presently have five of these soft satin bags ready, for $8 each.

Having many older relatives, I have been blessed to acquire all kinds of vintage fabrics.  These three clutches are fully lined, and have a magnetic closure. Each is priced at $15.


And, finally, my major project of this year are my “Smittens.” I buy wool sweaters at garage sales and thrift stores, felt them, cut them up and make them into mittens.  They are lined with fleece and are the warmest mitts you will ever wear. (We need that here in Buffalo!) I have made over 30 pairs so far, but I’m not sure which ones I’ll have by the time I go to SD to see Krista. Some are one of a kind because of how much the sweaters shrank in the felting process.  This photo gives you an idea of what they look like, all depending on the sweaters I find. They will be selling for $20.

20161129_091434_resized mitts

20161024_145440_resized 20161024_145544_resized

There you have it!  A few of these items are already on somebody’s wish list, so don’t hesitate to put in a special request! Please come to this fun event on Friday and maybe you’ll find just the right gift for that special, hard to buy for friend!

Comments? Questions?