Bias-Cut Silky Fabric Scarf

Pink Infinity Scarf

This casual spring or summer scarf was made with fabric cut on the bias and sewn together with a French seam.

What makes this a simple scarf to make is the fact that you don’t have to finish the edges – bias does not ravel! But the trick is to make sure you are cutting on the true bias – the wrong angle will result in an irregular drape or pulling.  Bias can be tricky to cut with a very fine fabric – I find my lined cutting mat to be invaluable in keeping the fabric grain at right angles before I cut. In choosing fabric for a lightweight fabric, its drape-ability is most important.  You will not get the same look from a crisp cotton.

The length of my scarves ranged anywhere from 60″ to 76″, depending on how much fabric I had to work with.  Bias cutting will always require more fabric than cutting on the straight of grain.

If you choose a fabric that still has the selvage edges, you can use them as is and just sew the ends together by placing one over the other and sewing flat. Otherwise, you’ll need the make an enclosed (French) seam to hide the raw edges.

As an example, see the look of the wool infinity scarf. Same technique, completely different drape.

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