Braided T-Shirt Necklace

T-Shirt Necklace

Inspired by all the ideas on Pinterest, this scarf/necklace uses T-shirt strips.

All of the T-shirt ideas relate to the fact that these lightweight knits curl into very drapey tubes when cut horizontally.

  • For this necklace, I cut 3/4″ strips from the bottom part of a men’s T-shirt. I found it to be super fast using a cutting mat and rotary cutter.  This particular design uses 12  long strips 36″ in length and 12 of 18″ length.
  • The short ones were bunched together and held with a big paper clip and then braided in three groups of four.  Each end was then wrapped with thread and secured to prevent unwinding.
  • The long ones were also held together with a clip at one end.  I let them hang down straight, and chose a few strands to shorten a bit.  Clip the other end and trim stray ends straight across.  Secure both ends as before.
  • Butt the ends together and overcast stitch to connect.
  • Cut small strips of remaining T-shirt fabric.  Fold under sides and wrap connected areas. Hand stitch to finish.

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