Burlap Wine Bags

Teal Burlap Wine Bag

Easy to make wine bags that have that simple rustic look.

  • Cut burlap into 15″ X 16.5″ rectangles.
  • Match 16.5″ edges and machine sew up to create sides.
  • Fold top under 1.5″ and sew along edge of fabric to make firm edge at top.
  • Turn bag inside out. Sew bottom seam by matching “side” seam to middle of front.  This will result in the vertical seam being in the middle of the back of the bag.
  • Create box fold at bottom by folding bottom seam over middle of bag’s bottom, making a triangle. 1.5″ from point, draw perpendicular line and sew. Repeat for other side.
  • Turn right side out and press.
For tie: to make generous bow, cut burlap 30″ long and about 1.5″ wide.  Zigzag edges.
To tie bag, first put a rubber band around the bag with the bottle in it.  Then fold the middle part of the tie in half before wrapping around rubber band. Tie bow.

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