Crochet Single-Loop Mobius Scarf

Khaki Knit Mobius Scarf

Crochet a mobius strip to keep your neck warm!

I was looking for a chunky look that did not have to be wrapped around the neck.  Taken from another Pinterest pin, this scarf fit the bill perfectly.  It uses only one skein of heavy yarn (at least 100 yds.) and can be completed in less than two hours.

Begin by chaining 65 stitches.  Then connect and double crochet continuously to the start point.  Make a single twist in the chain and make one half dc. This will result in your adding on to the bottom of the starting row. Then continue dc. You’ll find that you never need to twist again because you’ve made a true mobius strip – it has no beginning nor end, no right or wrong side.

Continue until you run out of yarn. Finish with a half double crochet and then slip stitch to end.  Hide ends.

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