Eco-Friendly Fabric Napkins

Fabric Napkins

Cloth napkins instead of paper – easy to make and good for the environment!

These just make so much sense!  Choose fabrics that will absorb well, camouflage stains and wash well.  Traditional dimensions generally range from 16″ to 20″ square, but lately smaller sizes have been showing up, called “lunchbox size.”  I think this makes sense – we use reusable lunchbags, thermoses and sandwich containers; why not washable napkins?

As I was making these, and looking at the larger sizes, I decided I will be making lots more of the smaller ones (12″), because that’s all I really need for breakfast and lunch. I also decided I won’t focus so much on having sets – casual dining almost calls for variety!

I used my cutting mat and rotary cutter again, and cut the napkins in sets of four, the size depending on what size fabric I had. Quality cloth napkins typically have half inch hems, so that’s what I used. I mitered the corners to make them look less “home-made.”



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