Knit Single-Loop Mobius Scarf

Nubby Knit Single-Loop Mobius Scarf

A stylish addition to any fall wardrobe, and so easy to make.

I found two balls of this funky yarn which had a foundation thread that was quite fine, and I knew full well there wasn’t much I could do with it as is.  But I paired it with a grey basic worsted weight solid and it turned out quite well.

This is a super simple scarf.  I cast on 17 stitches of the doubled yarn to begin. Then I just knitted back and forth, row after row, no pattern. When I ran out of yarn, I made a single twist to the ends and connected them simply by hand stitching with the yarn ends. You might be able to see the connection with a flatter yarn, but the wisps of fluff all over cover up the less-than-professional finish!

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