Open Crochet Double-Loop Scarf

Blue Open Crochet Double Loop Scarf

A softer crocheted scarf to loop a couple times

I really enjoy crocheting, but I find that the finished product is often quite a bit stiffer than knitted items, not so good for a cuddly scarf. I recently picked up a finer variagated yarn that held promise for a crocheted scarf, if I could find a looser pattern. Pinterest to the rescue: a very simple design that left bigger spaces, so the scarf has a softer hand. Unfortunately for me, it was knitted, and the pattern was beyond my limited knitting skills. But it gave me an idea for producing a similar look by crocheting.

I am only a novice in writing crochet directions – I hope this makes sense.

  • Chain 25.
  • Dc in fourth chain back. *Ch 1, dc in second ch*. Repeat * to end of row.
  • Turn, ch 4, dc in second ch, **ch 1, dc in second ch.** Repeat ** to end of row.¬†Continue this until scarf measures desired length – mine ended up about 54″.
  • I chose to make it a complete loop, so I connected the ends by slipstitching together. Hide ends.

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