Re-covered Office Chair

Recovered Office Chair

Have an old boring black uncomfortable office chair? Re-cover it!

Krista purchased a new office chair for her computer area, so there was the old chair which we decided would be nice to have at the craft work table.  We bought a yard of canvas at JoAnn’s in a print to coordinate with the craft area; 3/4 of a yard would have been plenty.

  • The chair came apart quite easily – hex bolts held the cushioned back onto the spine of the chair. I made a simple two-piece slipcover for the back by tracing its outline, and slip-stitched it on at the bottom. I cut tiny slits into the places where the bolts would connect.
  • The seat was equally easy to remove.  For this, we purchased a 3″ thick piece of foam, which fortuitously was the same approximate size as the seat.  With hefty scissors, I curved the corners according to seat dimensions, and then cut the top edges at a slant.
  • I placed the fabric on the floor, wrong side up, then the foam, then the seat, bottom side up. When hubby came home from work, I stood on the stack, and he used a staple gun (1/4″ staples) to attach fabric and foam all together to the underside of the seat.  Corners first, then one middle on each side, then finish with staples fairly close together, stretching fabric for a snug fit.
  • Reassemble chair.

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