Shaggy Fabric Flower Hair Clips

Shaggy Flower Hair Clips

Large barrette holds two fabric pom poms.

I first saw these on a Pinterest necklace using five of these fabric flowers. I made them a bit differently – I’m not nearly as proficient in haphazard glue application as I am at sewing, so I took needle and thread in hand.

  • For each flower, cut eight 1.5″ circles.  I used wool and heavy linen-like fabric so the threads would ravel a bit for that shaggy look.
  • I folded two circles in half, then in thirds.  I clipped the two folded circles together with a paper clip.
  • When I had four pairs of clipped circles, I tacked the inside corners together, a pair at a time, and then tacked the four pairs together in the middle. (Once the clips come off, the “petals” sort of fluff out by themselves.)
  • Flatten one side of the flower. Cut a 1.5″ circle of felt and glue it on to the flat bottom of the flower.
  • Glue two flowers onto a snap-type large hair barrette.



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