Christmas “Cheater” Quilt

Christmas Cheater Quilt

This quick “quilt” is an easy way to decorate for the holidays.

Pre-printed quilt panels are the way to get something large ready for Christmas quickly.  I am enamored of snowmen and pretty much cover every corner with them come December.  So when I saw this panel, I couldn’t resist.

All you need besides the panel itself is a piece of quilt batting (I use lightweight), one of quilting cotton for the backing and a strip of fabric for the binding. I visited my sister’s overflowing fabric cupboard for this.

After stacking the panel, the batting and the backing, I pinned it all over the place.  I chose just a few places where topstitching would not interfere with the pattern, but hold the quilt together loosely. Then I applied the binding – I like to do it all by machine, as I find it to be neat and sturdy.

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