Crochet Rope Scarf

White Crochet Rope Scarf

Worn long or short, this scarf/necklace can be adjusted to meet your needs.

Again, Pinterest is my go-to place for ideas! This particular scarf was pinned from Etsy, so I had to wing it. I chose a smooth, bulky yarn for my first try. It’s super-soft but tends to cling to itself a bit. Then I tried doubling a smoother worsted weight, and found the weight to result in a better drape. It also allowed me to mix colors.

The rope is just a basic crocheted chain, measuring about 10 yards. Then you just twist it over itself to the desired length. The button tab is just back and forth single crotchet, measuring about 2″ X 5.5″, leaving an opening for the button at one end. I can only estimate how much yarn it takes because I never used up a full skein – maybe about 60 yds.?


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