Vintage Lace Black and White Scarf

Vintage Lace Black & White Special Scarf Detail

This lace should not be hidden in my fabric stash!

Krista’s friend, Julie, spotted a lovely lace and fabric scarf on Pinterest and pointed it out to me.  I went to the source and found the finished scarf had been for sale from a commercial site in Europe and was no longer available. Details of size and fabric type were missing. I went to my box of laces looking for something comparable and found this lovely piece that I believe was taken from a bridal gown at one time.

I wanted to replicate the look from the Pinterest photo, but ran into several difficulties. The lace I had was narrower, heavier, more irregular, and heftier.  My first attempt with a knit fabric was very skimpy-looking because it seemed narrow for such a substantial lace. In the photo, the fabric appeared rather firm, but I decided my lace called for a drapier fabric.  I purchased a very soft, thin woven fabric that I triple-folded over to get the drape I was looking for.

I had to finish the edges of the fabric to accommodate the irregular edge of the lace at each end, and then hand sew the lace on. The finished scarf measures about 70″ and the tripled fabric allows for a lot of draping under the lace.

The second scarf was made with a narrower strip of knit fabric, and uses a lace I “inherited” from my sister’s lace stash. We think it may have been an armrest doily back in the day. This scarf is shorter and narrower to suit the size and weight of the lace piece.


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