Yarn Flower Pins

Yarn Flower Pins

A knitter’s answer to yarn ends!  And the perfect token gift for teachers or acquaintances!

Quilters get to use up their fabric scraps – what do knitters and crocheters do?  These yarn flower brooches are the perfect answer.  If you have about 14 yds of yarn left from another project, you can crochet one of these trendy flower pins. You will see them worn on sweaters, on scarves, on jackets and coats.

I use all different size crochet hooks, because it depends on the yarn I have.  The bulky yarns can be used in a single strand, with about a K hook.  I use a lot of worsted yarn, which I usually double for a chunkier flower, so that might use up to an N hook.  I really like the look of a fuzzy yarn, but these are often very fine, so I pair those with a strand of a bulky yarn.  The more different combinations you try, the more ideas you’ll come up with!

Begin with 25 ch.  Turn and sc in each ch.  Turn.  *Make 5 dc in the first sc, slipstich into next sc* – repeat * * 4 more times, creating the first 5 large petals. Then **make 4 hdc in the next sc, followed by a slipstitch** – repeat ** ** three more times, forming the 4 medium petals. The last three petals are formed with 5 sc in the next sc, followed by a slipstitch, repeated two more times. Finish off.

Leave about 12″ of yarn at the end, which is used to hold the flower together.  Roll from the end (smallest petals), stitching as you roll with the ending yarn.

Sew on a brooch pin on the back.

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