Ribbon and Pearl Necklaces

Ribbon and Pearl Necklace 1


After visiting the online catalog of a well-known Wisconsin retailer, I fell in love with a ribbon and faux pearl necklace featured there and decided, I can do that!

I was lucky that an excellent photo had been taken, allowing me to count pearls, along with a helpful description of materials and size.

I found a similar 3/8″ ribbon at Michael’s, and some perfect 8 mm. faux pearls at A. C. Moore. I am now finding a great variety of appropriate ribbons and colored pearls from many different sources.

I cut 36″ of ribbon and treated each raw cut with Fray Check.  I used button and carpet thread to string 13 pearls in the center, cradling each tightly with the ribbon.  After making sure each end of the thread was securely knotted, I then knotted the ribbon very close to each end of the pearls.  The end product could easily pass for the original I first saw, which sells for $19.00!

I am now obsessed with these necklaces!  I’m finding all kinds of cool ribbons which create every kind of look from super casual to very dressy.  I’m having so much fun making them that I’ve decided to start selling them in my etsy shop – etsy.com/shop/2CoastCrafts.

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