Cell Phone Cozies



I’ve seen many soft phone cases lately, and decided to use some of my leftover yarn balls to create a few of my own. I’m fascinated with all the Amigurumi animals I see on Pinterest – I love the super tight crochet stitches that form them all. So I decided to use that same simple single crochet stitch to make my cell phone sleeves. The basic chain serves as a loop for the orphan button on the front.

The weight of the yarn played such an important part in the stiffness of the sleeves, more so than the size of the crochet hooks; somehow I was not able to soften the feel just by sizing up the hook I used.

Even more interesting was how differently the variegated yarns looked when I increased the number of initial stitches, even with only an increase of a single stitch.

IMG_2458.JPG IMG_2459.JPG IMG_2460.JPG

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