Cell Phone Pouches


Never having been a big fan of large purses, I always looked for something small that would hold my essentials.  Before I had my phone, my pockets were usually enough. Once I got my smartphone, and found it to be an invaluable part of my life nearly all the time, I needed a small clutch or handbag that would not only hold my essentials, but also be lightweight and could leave my hands free to pick up other items. Hence, the birth of my phone pouches.

I thought about what the perfect attributes would be: the right size and fit to accommodate my extras.  I used the dimensions of my iPhone and another popular phone, the Samsung Galaxy to come up with my optimum finished size: 4″ X 6″ with a 10″ wrist strap and a small loop through which the wrist strap is pulled.  It also includes an inside pocket a bit larger than a credit card.

As for materials, I used leftovers from previous sewing projects, from quilting to apparel.

Comments? Questions?