Craft Show at Qualcomm

Having been encouraged by my daughter, Krista, to register for Qualcomm’s annual Arts and Crafts Festival last year, and having sold many items at that time, I again packed my bags and brought my crafts to San Diego. It will be taking place Wednesday, Nov. 13th from 11 AM to 1:30 PM on the N Lawn of the Qualcomm Main Campus.

As the holidays approach, so many folks are looking for those little gifties for people who we appreciate, like teachers, hairdressers, neighbors, coworkers, etc., and perhaps even an item or two to gift yourself!

phone pouches

My focus this year is “Teacher Gifts.”  Being a retired Buffalo teacher, I’ve been crafting with my former colleagues in mind. We teachers DO NOT like to carry big purses – our iconic classroom totes are more than we can handle. Hence the little $12.00 cell phone pouches came about, big enough for any size phone.  I used to rely on pockets alone, until they were rarely large enough to accommodate the absolutely necessary phone.  For convenience, my phone pouches each have an additional small pocket to hold credit cards or cash.

I also crocheted phone “cozies” for iPhones.  I first saw them on Pinterest and for sale on Etsy.

A popular item from last year were the mini fabric gift bags – just the right size for a gift card or piece of jewelry.  And only $1.00!

There will also be a few fabric clutches and luggage tags available. Clutches

My crocheted scarves were very popular last year. I probably sold the most of the rope-style scarves and infinity scarves, so those are back.  But now I have added some new yarns and crochet patterns in 60″ long scarves.  All will be $15.00. Scarf ass't

A new item this year will be $15.00 crocheted beanies, all with attached yarn flowers.  All different patterns, yarns, and sizes will be available.


I put together a collection of “girlie” things as well.  All kinds of hair clips, both fabric and yarn.  Monster tooth fairy pockets and yarn flowers are back, as well as new crochet bracelets.  No item is over $5.00.

Hair clips girlie items

And, being in the home of the San Diego Chargers, I’ve even made a few team scarves in their honor.  (May my hometown Bills forgive me!) The $25.00 yarn scarves have 50 strands of assorted navy, gold and white yarns, many of them sparkly or fluttery.  The $12 ruffle scarf is made from one continuous specialty yarn and has a slightly glittered edge. SD scarves

Comments? Questions?