Dropped Stitch Knitting


During one of my recent Pinterest-binges, I found a beautiful scarf that I just knew I had to try to replicate!

So I embarked on journey to learn how to knit this airy pattern.  I viewed several different YouTube videos, and read up on Ravelry.  I realize that much of the beauty of this particular scarf came from the gorgeous yarn, so I picked up what I decided was quite similar, but clearly not as unique, or pricey.

It calls for a variegated yarn, in a light-to-medium weight.  I finally picked up Caron’s Paints in two different color combos.

Krista liked the stitch, but preferred a different color combination.  She chose Red Heart Soft in a blue/green combo.

Recently I picked up the LAST Seafoam Red Heart Soft at JoAnn’s (the color called to me, and who can resist buying the LAST ONE of ANYTHING?).  I had no idea what I wanted to do with it, but using straight-line dropped stitch turned out quite well!

Instead of three rows of plain knitting in between the dropped stitch rows, I knit five.  And I alternated between one yarn-over and two yarn-overs after each group of five.

I’ve decided these look best with fringe added.

And, now that I’ve got the hang of it, I just might splurge on some fancy-schmantsy yarn to make one for myself!

Comments? Questions?