“Messy” scarves

Messy 2

While I was visiting Krista, she suggested I try to come up with some pattern that could use the braided yarn from the last two unsold Chargers scarves at the Craft Festival.

SD scarves

I decided to go with what I call a “messy” scarf – knotted ends, and combining different colors that still “go” together. (My last “messy” scarf was the very first one to sell before the Craft Festival even started!)

I took the scarves apart, and wound each different yarn over a stiff cardboard.  I took out the bright yellow-gold yarn, and used all the blues, whites and silvers. As each scarf used about 15 different yarns, there was quite an assortment.

I paired a fine yarn with a bulkier, like an eyelash with a bulky yarn, or a glittery one with a fluffy baby yarn.  I just knotted the ends together, using plain old knitting, back and forth, 15 stitches per row.

I wasn’t sure if I’d have enough yarn to make a decent sized scarf (I like 60″), so I also included some white, navy, grey and white Impeccable yarn I had from other projects.

I had my doubts at first, but I really liked the finished product!

I’ve just started one here at home, because I realized I had a ridiculous amount of leftovers in shades of purple, orchid, and lavender, including some shaggy and eyelash and even variegated yarns left over from projects that were finished years ago.  I’m pretty sure I’ll like this one just as well!


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