Yarnies, Unite!

Krista - white

For someone who hasn’t yarned since college, my daughter has turned into a serious yarnie overnight!

She started back in October, when she discovered Sashay yarn and was intrigued by the ease and look of the finished product.  She would go to Michael’s and JoAnn’s with me and pick up any color combinations that appealed to her.  As she showed them off at work, very few ended up in her hands – they sold like hotcakes!  Her attitude was: I like this, so if I end up with it, great; if not, I’m $ ahead!

And the knitting and crocheting was contagious at work!  They knit during lunch!  Her friend, Jen, a complete novice to yarn work, created this AWESOME blanky with pom-pom yarn after watching Krista create a scarf out of this super-soft yarn!

And then there was her birthday! She asked for an assortment of yarns, as we found the selection in San Diego surprisingly lacking in everyday yarns.  (We need to explore more!)  I wasn’t sure what to choose, as I feel this is a very personal choice.  But I picked mostly bulkier yarn that could be made up quickly, as this is a fairly new adventure for her.

One super-super bulky yarn was a challenge.  Jen taught us how to arm-knit, which ends up very loopy, quite funky.  It was fun, but we looked for other alternatives.  I was in the process of learning a new knitting stitch (I will be posting later), a dropped stitch, which is pretty airy.  Using humungous needles, Krista produced this original design, alternating the number of yarn-overs in each bunch of rows.  It ended up being not as long as she would have liked, but we found this unique pin at JoAnn’s, which provided the perfect accent!  Krista looked so chic as she headed off to work!

Then there was Christmas, and this new yarnie was making gifts for everybody!

She’s constantly teaching herself new stitches and how to use all the tools of the trade.

I just got this in a text – a new creation! Is it a hood?  Or a cowl?

I have enjoyed working with textiles and yarns all my life – in fact, obsessively so at times.  I’m getting a kick out of watching the contagion grow!

Comments? Questions?