Fabric Straight-Grain Infinity Scarves

Paisley Straight Grain Fabric Infinity Scarf

Accessorize with a printed fabric infinity scarf

These scarves are easier to make than those cut on the bias because the fabric doesn’t slip and slide in all directions when you cut on the straight of grain. You can make two or three from a 2 yd. piece of fabric, depending on the width.  My favorite finished width for the scarf is 8″ (folded over), but I ended up making some wider (up to 11″) because I wanted to use up the entire width of the fabric piece.

I used soft, drapey fabrics – challis, crepe, organza. The length depended on how much fabric I had – anywhere from 60″ to 72″. I cut my pieces between 16.5″ to 22.5″ in width. If you have a shorter length of fabric, you can certainly piece together.

  • Sew up the long sides, right sides together, using .25″ seam.
  • Press seam to one side.
  • Turn right side out.
  • Pin seams of short side together, right sides facing. Sew as far as you can (you’ll see what I mean when you try it). You’ll have about a 3″ opening when you straighten out the scarf.
  • Slip stitch opening by hand.

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