Winter Fabric Wine Bags

Winter Wine Bag

A snowman can make a gift bottle even more cheerful!

We pretty much always bring along a bottle of wine whenever we visit friends, especially during the holidays. When I found a piece of fabric covered with framed snowmen, I thought they would make a nice embellishment for a basic wine bag.

I used the same dimensions and basic sewing directions as the burlap wine bags. The only difference was adding the snowman squares. I placed them in the middle of the front of the bag piece before sewing up the sides, about 2.5″ up from the bottom. I zig zagged around all four sides of the square, then continued sewing the basic bag.

Instead of a tie, I used 9″ pieces of some matching snowflake fabric, made firmer by zig zagging them onto the same fabric as the main part of the wine bag. I then sewed on small pieces of Velcro on the wrong sides, so the ends would stick out when wrapped around the neck of the bottle.

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