Holiday Fabric Wine Bags

Holiday Wine Bags (4)

How to make your wine hostess gift extra special!

These were the simplest wine bags ever! I used the same procedure as the burlap wine bags, and used the easiest ties ever: ribbons or sparkly wire garland.

After making so many Christmas projects over the years, I had several pieces that were just big enough (14″ X 16.5″) to make single bags, with no scraps left. I’m ready for holiday gifting!

I also had some basic green check fabric pieces, so I perked those up with some Christmas decals.  Actually, they were originally on  “make your own ornaments” fabric that was purchased for a kids’ project, but not used up.  I placed them about 2.5″ from the bottom of the bag before sewing, then zig-zagged them on. Then I added little 3-D embellishments like a pom pom on Santa’s hat, or a ribbon on the candy cane. Then I continued assembling the bag itself.


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