Holiday Wall Hangings

Melted Snowman Wall Hanging

Who doesn’t love snowmen???

Once again, I am drawn to snowmen.  When I came across these preprinted “pillow” fabric panels, I had to put them in my cart.  Well, I have too many pillows already, but I do have some wall space still not covered at Christmas time. So I simply adapted the panels to make small wall hangings.

I used the same basic quilting procedure as the snowman quilt to assemble the wall hangings. One difference was that I took some of the unused border from the panel fabric and made small tabs for the top of the wall hangings. I made three tabs, and sewed them to the top before applying the batting. These can then be used by sliding a dowel through the tabs, making hanging the finished product a piece of cake.

The other diference was that I did not use a binding – I just did the pillowcase method: sew right sides together, leaving a space open. Then turn right side out and slip stitch closed.


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