Dainty Ribbon and Pearl Necklaces

Dainty Ribbon Necklace 1


If you are looking for a little dash of fancy around your neck, these are the necklaces for you!

These necklaces are made in the same way as the originals, only using a 1/4″ satin ribbon, and 6 mm. or smaller faux pearls.  The difficulty you may find in making this one is that the pearls often have very small holes, so you may want to use a collapsible eye needle made specifically for beading.  They are very delicate needles and require careful beading, but they certainly do the job.

I love the brights for a little splash of color, and the pastels for a softer look. They could be a perfect addition to a crisp shirt or an evening dress, depending on the color you choose. I have listed these in my Etsy shop – etsy.com/shop/2CoastCrafts – for purchase singly and in groups.

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