Twisted Ribbon and Pearl Necklaces

Twisted Ribbon Necklace 1


After checking out what Etsy had to offer, I saw variations of these chunkier-looking necklaces, and played around with them until I got the look I liked.

These necklaces use a wider 5/8″ grosgrain ribbon.  They offer a greater “pop” of color than the original necklace I made.  It requires about 4″ more of ribbon, and a bit more time, as a twist of ribbon must be made individually between each pearl.  The knot at each end is more difficult to tighten close to the end pearls because of the ribbon’s width and bulk, but I think it’s a necessary part of the design.

As you’ll notice in the photos below, stripes also work up nicely in this particular design.  Whether it’s bright colors or a patriotic theme, I think they make a cute addition to a casual outfit.

These will also be in my etsy shop – .

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